After graduating in the summer of 2011 I decided to embark on a new chapter in my life and move to London to find work and focus on what i loved most, fashion and design. A new couture label known as 'Sorapol' encourage up and coming designers to contribute towards the brand and work hand in hand to produce innovative work from all spectrums of design. I was in charge of producing some of the art work which was used for promotion, staff and online.

Here is the background image that I designed for the brands first collection entitled 'True colours'. The designer wanted something that linked in with the collection and spoke about the story that they had written themselves but without being too obvious. The story of 'Coccinelle' unfolds a tale about a young woman who was lavished in the decadence of high society but soon takes a turn for the worst, a husband who commits the cardinal sin of adultery, a life changing plane crash which results in a moment of awakening and self motivation in the fight for survival amongst an array of exotic and rare bugs.

A version of this design was used for the VIP and general invites which were sent out by our team. The VIP invites were in colour and mounted onto thick cardboard and the general invites were printed on a high quality paper around 300+gsm if i remember correctly and were all perfumed by the designer's specifically chosen scent.

I also created the designs for the passes on show day, these included the following:

Colour- Backstage for staff
Black and white - Photographers
Gold- VIP, production and designers