Radia Magazine did a write up on me :)

Tommy Pang is an emerging new face in the fashion and illustration world and a definite ‘one-to-watch’ in the coming years. At only 22 years old, he has already gained notoriety for his illustration talent by winning Company Magazine’s illustration competition in 2009 and consequently illustrating for the debut issue of its bi-annual sister publication The High Street Edit. Having received numerous offers and opportunities to illustrate for top brands Tommy has also managed to maintain his education at Loughborough University where he studies illustration. Not one to rest on his laurels and no doubt heavily influenced by his time interning at Company Magazine, Tommy has also acquired the position as Style Editor for b[liminal] Magazine; subsequently demonstrating his desire not to be pigeon holed as merely an illustrator.

Somehow between all his responsibilities he also managed to illustrate the Alexa Chung editorial for RADIA too.

On meeting Tommy you encounter a tall, attractive, stylish and perhaps inadvertently confident individual. When conversing with him regarding fashion, photography, illustrating or the plethora of his various creative outlets it is almost as if his passion is tangible. Clearly, this is a young guy who has thoroughly studied his craft and has unwavering belief in his ability. Perhaps that is why themes of progress and evolution frequently reoccur in our chat together; drive and determination such as Tommy’s requires a destination; something to discover; a holy grail if you’ll allow for such hyperbole. The word inspiring comes close to an understatement.

It is clear after talking with Tommy that although his hands can create captivating imagery, his vision extends beyond the two dimensional notion of pencil meets paper. He is a man with several stories to tell and he will not be restricted in the method of their delivery.

Duane Lindsey - Radia Magazine

Find my illustrations as well as a casual interview on the magazines iphone app :)

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