I've noticed a growing number of designers producing video ad campaigns that accompany their print ads in magazines. Miu Miu's a/w 2010 video was the first to catch my attention this summer with their colourful pallet of clothes in heavy fabrics. I then noticed Prada decided to release theirs not long after, could this be the new way for designers to show off their collections with a bit more life?

If you followed my blog from the start you might remember my first post about Gareth Pugh, he's without a doubt one of my all time favorite designers and was one of the first to showcase a "fashion show" in video form at fashion week. I'm guessing people were inspired by this type of show, its advantages allows the designer to have complete visual control and for the audience to grasp an idea of how the garments move when in motion.

Below are a number of video ad campaigns and Mr Pughs new fashion video which personally doesn't visually excite me as much as his previous seasons video, but it's still worth a look.

Gareth pugh s/w 2011

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