his portrait represents resistance to material goods and staying true to ones self. This could be considered/ viewed as images in the models mind. His world, his vision, his thoughts.

Left - The giraffe on the left represents the 'gang leader' of different social groups, the people, the rest of us. This is represented by scale but does not embody the human form therefore it adds a different level of thinking/standard when compared to the centre model.

Right - This represents the material goods, things that corrupt, things that the model believe that it doesn't make a person complete. LOVE, MATERIAL GOODS, MONEY et al.

Centre - This represents the models alter ego, he told me that if he was an animal he would be a cat and i decided to choose a lion to represent him as i believe that lions are intelligent, natural born leaders and strong minded with great instinct. He stands proud and self assured with his ideas on life and what he wants.

The barriers represent his inner feelings towards the outsider world, he won't be tempted from anything that's to the left or right of him, The yellow box reinforce the line that things must not cross.

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