Fairy tale images are now 98% done, all i need to do is add in a few little details and get them to a photocopiers in town so they can scan and blast the images for my final piece, i wonder if they can save them as files.

Anyway here they are: a weeks worth of pain.

The german fairy tale

FAIRY TALE IDEA FOR GERMAN FAIRY TALE PROJECT Oskar, a German poet from a small village called Bavaria in Germany, finds the most beautiful antique camera at a vintage fair on a sunny sunday afternoon. He takes the most breath taking photographs when he travels the world, these pictures shine like diamonds, the clarity is surreal. When Oskar arrives back in Germany he decided to build a darkroom after watching a documentary about the history of Leica cameras. After a lot of struggling Oskar manages to develop his stunning photographs in the solution he lovingly mixed himself, he clips his processed pictures on the line to dry with some old pegs. After a long bath, a cup of tea and his trusty company with the local evening newspaper, Oskar decided it's time to head to bed and he anticipates the morning. The photographs come to life, and just like smoke the photographs drift through the air and enter Oskar's brain and create the most vivid and exciting dreams, in this dream he falls in love with a beautiful girl named Angelika and they end up getting married in the south of France where they grow old together. A week passes and Oskar is full of optimism and wonders why he's having such magical dreams, he decides to take a long walk into his local town for the traditional weekly market selling delicious bratwurst sausages, fresh fruit and vegetables. After carefully picking the best apples to go with his evening supper of apple schnitzel, Oskar peers over the mound of fruit and discovers that the girl he has been dreaming of is stood right before his eyes. After handing over a few coins Oskar decides to pluck up one's courage and ask Angelika on a date, She looks surprised but accepts the offer. Oskar and Angelika fall deeply in love with one another, and like a lot of people say it was love at first sight. The camera is still in use till this day, but one thing has changed, there are now beautiful photographs of Oskar and Angelika hand in hand and delicately placed on their mantlepiece.

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