I'm thinking of buying a new lens for my canon body, i decided to do a little research.
I've heard mad reviews on the 50mm canon lens, yes it may be tacky and cheap and the fact that it's made out of horrible plastic that may crack instantly if you ever drop the thing is a little off putting but seeing as the picture quality is amazing and seems to top some of the more pricey lenses it's definitely one to consider, I've found a few stores online selling them around £75-85 which isn't so bad. The other lens I'm considering in buying is the Tokina 12-24mm f4 lens, retailing at 300+ I'm going to have to save some serious money! but I've seen a few pictures this lens has shot and my god the photos are amazingly sharp.

anyway other than lens talk I'm still wondering where on earth i can get my 110 film developed...

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  1. i got some 110 film developed at the kodak shop - they have to send it away. also try snappy snaps. they might.