Summer diary part 3

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Sinead - I went to visit my best mate Sinead with a bottle of rose, we didn't finish the bottle by the end of the night which was a little strange seeing as we normally neck a few bottles and dance to David Bowie in her amazing red kitchen.

Millie - Sinead's dog, that i love. Might i add she has definitely got older since the last time I've seen her, I caught her out when she was scratching herself or generally being a dog.

Train - Heading to Nottingham to meet my mate Emma, we decided to go for a walk around in the city that offers some of the best vintage shops in the midlands.

Train - Still sat on the train heading to nottingham, I really liked how soft and nostalgic this image came out.

Lincoln sky - The clouds looked strange, the moon was out, a little banana shape that really stood out against the orange, purple and pink sky. (You can see a better image on the Summer diary part 1 entry) This was taken 15 minutes before my cab was on its way to pick me up and take me out to meet Shell and Ellie for a Thursday night out at SCY (The Cell) indie night. Weirdly enough i decided to wear white socks this night with rolled up skinny jeans, &what happened? MJ passed away that night, Also Glastonbury was running full force this week.

Emma will punch you - This was around 2pm, Emma and myself decided to go to a beer garden and purchase a jug of cocktails in the hope that it will cool us down from the skin burning devil heat that was testing my sanity. We caved in and hid under the shade, thank you to whoever gave me revolution coupons you saved our lives. I was, tipsy.

Shell - This was taken in KIND bar in lincoln, the Thursday night that MJ died, actually this was before we heard the news

Ellie, Shell and myself - The MJ moment, I was told by SMS that MJ had passed away, rumor had it at the time he was still in a coma but 10 seconds later we were told the king of pop had actually dived 6 feet under and popped his clogs. Captured in time, a moment we will never forget. "Where were you when MJ died?"

SCY - Ironically we went to SCY for a night of indie loving, MJ had died, my phone had ran out of battery and there was no one in the club but our local DJ Aron waving us in as obviously the poor man was playing music for, nobody. We paid and got in for 3 quid, lovely. 3 quid for a whole club, yes we were the only 3 in the whole club that night. Fantastic as it were we couldn't help but hate all the glastonbury festivalites at that particular moment in time seeing as it was our last night together before Shell and Ellie were moving back to Norwich. I got told i was ugly by a midget.

Ellie - Demonstrating the empty dance floor, we busted some groves and drank ourselves silly but the night was cut short and we were soon booted out.

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