English summer rain

Summer diary part 1

Myself - Outside scream chilling out and talking to one of my mates. The night was interesting. A little boring as hardly anyone was at the monday indie night. I went home early.

Dom and I - Still outside scream with me posing like an idiot. I think this was the night Dom, Sam and I went to the foundation art show to see this years students work. Which can i say overall was alright but nothing special.

Sam, Lee, Dom and Dave - The Well, I have fallen in love with this traditional english pub, The place is amazing, it reminded me of a Jack Wills store and they even make their own beer, cider and coke. At the back of the pub there's a huge well underground and you can see this through the glass flooring. Scary indeed.

Sam - Drinking in The Well with balloons from revolutions that i decided to nicely place on the table.

Dom and Sam - This photo was taken at the foundation show, free white wine was flowing and by the look on their faces, we promptly left the place to get ourselves a real drink at The Well. We ended up in Dogma afterwards and then Scream.

Winding road - This is a shot of the road from the back of the Usher art gallery in Lincoln, I love the contrast of the buildings with the soft grassy hills in the distance.

Night sky - I loved how odd the clouds looked on this night, the colours were amazing and the moon looked like it didn't belong there. There was something captivating about this scene before i took a camera to it but i tried to capture it the best i could.

Dinner time - Back home from Loughborough, the first sit down meal with my parents and sister.

Back of the garden - Turns out we had asbestos at the back of the garden.

Garden - We got someone to take away the old seat that i used to love laying on as a child.

Saved by the bell - The 80s bikes went in the skip, heart broken.

Sun worshiper - Myself trying to catch some rays for 5 minutes.

Food poisoning - My sister got food poisoning on the 2nd day i got back from loughborough, she spent most of the day resting on the sofa, munching on crisps, drinking water, watching tv and visiting the loo a lot.

Master chef - Dad cooking in our old little kitchen, this image brings back so many memories of being taught how to cook at a young age by my dad and mum.

Time - The neighbors purchased the most amazing old looking clock and nailed it to the side of their garage in the garden.

Clouds - A bright sunny day in Lincoln, a moment that will always remind me how bloody stuffy the whole week was.

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