the killers

on j ross were a tad amazing.


fucking stressed

to say the least.
finished a few projects, another 2 to go and bits and bobs.

developed my first roll of film from my new camera, sweet pictures but had to rush the film as i had to develop some stuff for my assessment.

i'm looking forward to sleeping on friday, still haven't gone to bed.

random pictures:


Sun, park and patrick wolf

I went to a festival in Nottingham on sunday, best thing i've done in a long time.

The film in my smena 8 got jammed and being a dirty drunk i tried to wind the film back up even though it wasn't moving, result? i ended up grinding my finger so much that i got a nasty water blister, all for the hope that i could save my pictures. consider me pissed off. i hope it gets better by tomorrow as i have a lot of drawing and painting to do for fridays hand in date.

I present, mr patrick wolf (one of the best moments of my life)




my new camera :)

total cost = 25 quid.

this included, the camera and the lens, a 4x lens (bloody amazing but has mold growing on the inside, shame) , a 2x tele converter, filter, instruction books, carrier for all items, camera case for camera.


the stamps that were on the package for my smena 8 and i finally got the first set of photos back.

i've also bought another new camera today, i'll post some pictures soon.



my account, add me :)



Easter project continued

Working on my easter project again.
I did a shoot on friday of my mate.

Here are a few pics, i'm going to print these out and bind them into a 'book' tonight.

Fear[s] of the dark

I watched this film consisting of many short animations on the subject of 'fears of the dark' when I was back in Lincoln for Easter. Pretty damn impressive DVD if you ask me.

I like the fact that it's a collaboration of work from different people giving each film an individual aesthetic.

Here's a little trailer, i would get it on DVD if you see it about, definitely one for the DVD shelf.

I found one full animation from the dvd, enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2



I doubt i'll get much of it this week.
Finally finished my stop animation for todays presentation on 21st century children's books.

After hours of complications, crashing macbook and running out of battery on my slr...
here's the completed animation.

Team G-spot

We're working hard for our presentation, lack of concentration, complete procrastination.

Our faces, Polly head is missing, actually yeah..where the hell is she?!

Not my idea for our group name but still pretty funny, well done Kyan.

Destination, Liverpool

A national trip.
I quiet enjoyed it if i had to be honest, could of done with a bit more time exploring the place.
I saw a Banksy piece which i will post up when i finish looking through the rest of the photographs i took. 

Here are a few that turned out pretty nicely.

My Lomo Smena 8 arrived today, will do some reading up on it when i finish all my work for this term unless i decided to use it soon, which i might for my typography project.



Suddenly my name rhymes with chitty chitty bang bang.

silent disco

beck's birthday and silent disco, also the night i got way too drunk and ended up being dragged out by bouncers.

loughborough life