to my joy

i found an old school flash for my digital slr back in lincoln.
turns out it was my sisters from when she did photography at school...now i have it! 
the flash is crazy bright so i'll be buying me a diffuser.


easter project

part one; repetition and transformation.

just a little insight into what i've been working on.
i'm not going to talk about it too much as i'll be posting a huge entry when i finish this project.

aim: stop animation in translating lyrics, the beat and the feeling of the chosen song.

background: the song i've decided to illustrate talks about a singled out boy, in life, friends, surrounds etc (i'll reveal the song and lyrics when i finish all the work and you'll fully understand the point of this piece) but i've decided to focus on the play on repetition, masking ones self, movement, hiding ones identity, colour play and trying to 'blend into the background' 

i'm currently trying to draw myself 300+ - 500+ times in a sketchbook, no photo copying for me as i want it to be completely raw.


i've got so much to post

i can't bloody figure out what to say first.
i'll just list a few bullet points for now so you guys know what's coming.
  • information and progress on my easter project (which is going well!) video and sketchbook scans.
  • my birthday party in lincoln
  • photographs i decided to take on a night out with dominic
i'm sure there's something else.