I'll never learn

Magazine man, a legend in his own right and always the first market man I'll run up to on a Thursday and Saturday afternoon to search for goodies such as i:D, arena homme+, POP and such, however tomorrow will be different. After trying to address my problem of over spending and obsessing over creative fashion magazines i have taken a step back and noticed how many of these beauties have been taking over my room. I should really consider before purchasing and only picking out the best ones, but priced at only an irresistible one whole pound, i can't help but end up buying 5 and then wondering why i made such a dreadful move.

Okay, back to the point of this entry. One of my course mates informed me about a certain market stall guy who sells used cameras. You can imagine how happy my face was when i heard such a sweet sentence. Conclusion: back off with the magazine man and chill out with the camera man, my bank account shall be taking a beating.

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