Black Death

(This piece is not finished yet still more rats to add in!)

History project: The Black Death 

I chose to illustrate The black death for my history project because basically i find it really interesting, a lot of people have commented in the past that my work is pretty dark in matter but i have a delicate and soft approach. I thought this would be the perfect chance to show these elements.

I wanted to bring a sense of mystery, almost a hide and seek approach but the subject of death is clearly communicated.

There are 7 skulls to represent the amount of time one has left to live when they develop the black death plague. Scattered rats are hidden and clear in some areas, texture to represent the conditions and the method of ink blowing to interpret death and the body slowly breaking away and we have no control over such an illness.


  1. so powerful! i think you captured the mood/fear/bleakness of it really well.
    and yeah make sure you get a graphics tab, we'll be the coolest kids in town showing up to life drawing with them lol