BBC project

I chose to illustrate live at the apollo and here are my outcomes:

Brief: You need to produce 3 visuals that relate to a news topic or BBC program that
would fit the image dimensions used on the website.
Finally to encourage you to create visually striking imagery and to make decisions
about colour use, you are limited to only using four colours per image: black,
white and two colours of your own choice. You can choose to use only two colours in
an image (but not just black and white) or all four colours and you can change the
two colour choices per image, or you can use the same colours for all three images.
Example: Image 1 – black, white, blue, red
Image 2 – blue, red
Image 3 – black, white, blue, green.


  1. second one is my favorite!
    very positive project.

  2. thanks man, i think they're pretty average and a little slammed together so i think i might edit and redo some tonight and see if i can make it better.