the first time i've used illustrator properly, 5-6 hours of work, bad eyes and hungry.
i'm pretty lucky that i haven't ripped my hair out but i can tell you i'm pretty close.


party designs.


BBC project

I chose to illustrate live at the apollo and here are my outcomes:

Brief: You need to produce 3 visuals that relate to a news topic or BBC program that
would fit the image dimensions used on the website.
Finally to encourage you to create visually striking imagery and to make decisions
about colour use, you are limited to only using four colours per image: black,
white and two colours of your own choice. You can choose to use only two colours in
an image (but not just black and white) or all four colours and you can change the
two colour choices per image, or you can use the same colours for all three images.
Example: Image 1 – black, white, blue, red
Image 2 – blue, red
Image 3 – black, white, blue, green.


Black Death

(This piece is not finished yet still more rats to add in!)

History project: The Black Death 

I chose to illustrate The black death for my history project because basically i find it really interesting, a lot of people have commented in the past that my work is pretty dark in matter but i have a delicate and soft approach. I thought this would be the perfect chance to show these elements.

I wanted to bring a sense of mystery, almost a hide and seek approach but the subject of death is clearly communicated.

There are 7 skulls to represent the amount of time one has left to live when they develop the black death plague. Scattered rats are hidden and clear in some areas, texture to represent the conditions and the method of ink blowing to interpret death and the body slowly breaking away and we have no control over such an illness.



Check out his stop animation here


Walk cycle animation,  I drew 79 images in total on layout paper and shot each frame using Dragon.
The animation isn't supposed to be an accurate study of the model itself but more about the movement and energy a human creates whilst walking.


"Bringing sharp idea's together"

Eagleye Creatives, a new creative company run by Julie Pang, a successful fashion designer who graduated with a BA HONS in Fashion & Design. Julie has been in the fashion and marketing industry for a number of years and has had the pleasure of working with some of the most successful people in this field.

This newly developed design company offers design support from fashion design to graphic design.

The company website will be coming soon, If you wish to view any work please find the contact information underneath.


Midnight photography?

'Midnight photography', a random thought that just popped up in my mind. The thought of walking around with some current and new friends for an hour or so around 11/12 at night, a bottle of vodka in one hand and a camera in the other sounds highly exciting. I wonder what sort of images will come out. I might make this a regular thing, maybe weekly where we can show one another our outcomes and hopefully this will inspire and remind us that uni can actually be fun without being dragged down by the spirits of some crazy rugby boys.

The first meeting to be confirmed, adventures await!


I'll never learn

Magazine man, a legend in his own right and always the first market man I'll run up to on a Thursday and Saturday afternoon to search for goodies such as i:D, arena homme+, POP and such, however tomorrow will be different. After trying to address my problem of over spending and obsessing over creative fashion magazines i have taken a step back and noticed how many of these beauties have been taking over my room. I should really consider before purchasing and only picking out the best ones, but priced at only an irresistible one whole pound, i can't help but end up buying 5 and then wondering why i made such a dreadful move.

Okay, back to the point of this entry. One of my course mates informed me about a certain market stall guy who sells used cameras. You can imagine how happy my face was when i heard such a sweet sentence. Conclusion: back off with the magazine man and chill out with the camera man, my bank account shall be taking a beating.

Květa Pacovská

Květa Pacovská, a children's book illustrator who has been in the illustrating game since graduating in 1952. I will be reading absolutely everything she has produced and write a stupidly long and detailed essay about her way of working, style and other points that need addressing for my group presentation.

She's pretty interesting considering she's almost in her 80s yet she still produces work with a very child like quality, this might sound stupid as she is after all a 'children's' book illustrator but i've noticed a lot of illustrators who work in this specific area tend to produce work that lacks the pure innocence and wild vivid imagination of a child.

Pacovská has illustrated a book called THE LITTLE FLOWER KING which gives you a taste of her work, click the link below and have a look if you're interested. 


When two artistic minds collide.

This film created in collaboration with Ruth Hogben, showcases the designer's Autmn/Winter 2009 collection.

British fashion talent.

Gareth Pugh, a name that has been circulating internationally around the fashion industry like a wild Australian bush fire for the past 5 years. London club kids worship his work, fashion editors could write books about the movement Pugh has created and the fashion elites have speculated over his avant-garde and 'costume' approach. Nonetheless his S/S 09 show in Paris proved that he's a serious and ambitious designer who dreams of having his name scribbled down in British fashion history.

His way of thinking is innovate, his imagination is raw and his talent is undoubtedly apparent.

I found a video featuring Gareth Pugh who used SHOWstudio to translate his attitude towards the different aspects of his fashion career so far, he did this by staging a number of live platform performances to mark Couture Week which was in the first week of July '06.

The focus; artifice and multiple personae, high energy glamour, boredom and repetition.