"Everyone is fascinated by the paranormal. Subjects like UFOs, Tarot cards and ghosts excite people worldwide. And behind it all there’s a massive industry. There are books, magazines, TV shows, live events, even psychic phone lines and websites all profiting from our fascination with the unexplained. The paranormal industry makes millions of pounds every year. And yet there’s actually no solid scientific evidence that anything paranormal exists. Are we all just falling for a big psychic scam?

We have all had the experience of absolutely believing something which turned out to be untrue. That so-and-so hated us, that we were about to die, that we had our wallet with us when we left the house. Sadly, how deeply we believe something has no necessary correlation with how true it is.

Derren and his team have released 7 hoax videos which appear to be paranormal phenomena. In fact they’re all based upon real scientific principles and there’s nothing paranormal about them at all. Over the past few months that hoax footage has been posted over the internet in the attempt to find out if people would accept the footage as genuine or question it in an attempt to discover the real truth.

Can you find the hoaxes before we reveal the secret science behind scams?" - derrenbrown.co.uk




Lady Gaga has released the video for her new song "Bad Romance"
Thumbs up for taking on avant garde Alexander Mcqueen outfits and not only is it a fashion visual feast but the song is pretty catchy. I like the fact that the video is a little crazy with so many nice elements involved but one part in particular catches my eye, Gaga seems to have one scene where it looks like it should be a shoot set up for photographer David Lachapelle (who is amazing). Worth a watch.


his portrait represents resistance to material goods and staying true to ones self. This could be considered/ viewed as images in the models mind. His world, his vision, his thoughts.

Left - The giraffe on the left represents the 'gang leader' of different social groups, the people, the rest of us. This is represented by scale but does not embody the human form therefore it adds a different level of thinking/standard when compared to the centre model.

Right - This represents the material goods, things that corrupt, things that the model believe that it doesn't make a person complete. LOVE, MATERIAL GOODS, MONEY et al.

Centre - This represents the models alter ego, he told me that if he was an animal he would be a cat and i decided to choose a lion to represent him as i believe that lions are intelligent, natural born leaders and strong minded with great instinct. He stands proud and self assured with his ideas on life and what he wants.

The barriers represent his inner feelings towards the outsider world, he won't be tempted from anything that's to the left or right of him, The yellow box reinforce the line that things must not cross.










Nature, eutopia and merging the aesthetics of sophistication from
France and innovation from Great Britain. This design was influenced by
the two individual countries fashion styles (France - Classic and well
known designers // Chanel & Great Britain - Young innovative edgy
designers // Gareth Pugh) and inspired by the concept of 'a whole new
world'. I pictured a place where people had the opportunity to have a
fresh start, a place where it's completely white washed and ready for
someone to make their artistic mark to brighten it up. The focus is on
the aesthetics of simplicity and clean lines. Colour concept: Black and
white represents the classic side and the bold splash of color
represents the edgy modern side.


dub boro.

The photos are up!

album one
album two

photography by tommy pang.


x factor


if enough votes get put through i will be on the x factor add breaks so here's the link and click the 'i love this' button on the bottom right :) thanks!



interesting watch

todays interesting watch:
models.com presents an exclusive excerpt of the Marco Brambilla / Muse Magazine video: Ghost (Natasha Poly: Multiple Exposure) 2009

get clicking: http://models.com/mdx/?p=827

interesting click:

ever thought about what happens when you mix maths with fashion? nah, didn't think so but it's still pretty interesting.

get clicking: http://fashematics.com/


fun videos.

sushi camera

japanese supermarket


Fairy tale images are now 98% done, all i need to do is add in a few little details and get them to a photocopiers in town so they can scan and blast the images for my final piece, i wonder if they can save them as files.

Anyway here they are: a weeks worth of pain.

The german fairy tale

FAIRY TALE IDEA FOR GERMAN FAIRY TALE PROJECT Oskar, a German poet from a small village called Bavaria in Germany, finds the most beautiful antique camera at a vintage fair on a sunny sunday afternoon. He takes the most breath taking photographs when he travels the world, these pictures shine like diamonds, the clarity is surreal. When Oskar arrives back in Germany he decided to build a darkroom after watching a documentary about the history of Leica cameras. After a lot of struggling Oskar manages to develop his stunning photographs in the solution he lovingly mixed himself, he clips his processed pictures on the line to dry with some old pegs. After a long bath, a cup of tea and his trusty company with the local evening newspaper, Oskar decided it's time to head to bed and he anticipates the morning. The photographs come to life, and just like smoke the photographs drift through the air and enter Oskar's brain and create the most vivid and exciting dreams, in this dream he falls in love with a beautiful girl named Angelika and they end up getting married in the south of France where they grow old together. A week passes and Oskar is full of optimism and wonders why he's having such magical dreams, he decides to take a long walk into his local town for the traditional weekly market selling delicious bratwurst sausages, fresh fruit and vegetables. After carefully picking the best apples to go with his evening supper of apple schnitzel, Oskar peers over the mound of fruit and discovers that the girl he has been dreaming of is stood right before his eyes. After handing over a few coins Oskar decides to pluck up one's courage and ask Angelika on a date, She looks surprised but accepts the offer. Oskar and Angelika fall deeply in love with one another, and like a lot of people say it was love at first sight. The camera is still in use till this day, but one thing has changed, there are now beautiful photographs of Oskar and Angelika hand in hand and delicately placed on their mantlepiece.


I'm thinking of buying a new lens for my canon body, i decided to do a little research.
I've heard mad reviews on the 50mm canon lens, yes it may be tacky and cheap and the fact that it's made out of horrible plastic that may crack instantly if you ever drop the thing is a little off putting but seeing as the picture quality is amazing and seems to top some of the more pricey lenses it's definitely one to consider, I've found a few stores online selling them around £75-85 which isn't so bad. The other lens I'm considering in buying is the Tokina 12-24mm f4 lens, retailing at 300+ I'm going to have to save some serious money! but I've seen a few pictures this lens has shot and my god the photos are amazingly sharp.

anyway other than lens talk I'm still wondering where on earth i can get my 110 film developed...


christopher kane for topshop

Expect chaos, cat fighting and store trashing when Christopher Kane officially releases his collection for Topshop on 18th Sept 09. Selected stores will be offering customers the chance to get their hands on a unique garment when the stores open up around the UK in the early hours of the morning, it has been reported that Christopher has created 39 pieces in this collection which is the largest Topshop collaboration yet including shoes, bags, dresses and eyelet embellishment galore. The prices range from £30-£150. I have been told by phone that you will be able to shop this collection online but be warned, it's definitely going to be a sell out within 15 minuets maximum.

I've personally got my eagle eye out on the brilliant crocodile cut off sleeve tee they are bring out, and it's definitely the high street equivalent of the ape dress he showcased in his fall 08 collection.
Christopher later translated the dress into a tee and sold them at selected high brand stores such as Selfridges in the UK and Barneys in the US. The crocodile screen print tee will be retailing for £45 and considering the planet of the ape inspired tee was retailed at £200+ it's a no brainer that it's a high street snatch!

CM - Christopher Kane for Topshop featuring Daul Kim

Can't afford the collection well treat your mobile phone to some christopher kane wallpaper pimping.

This is a Topshop collaboration NOT TO BE MISSED, you'll be hating yourself for years if you do.


i decided to set up a little website showcasing my work.
it's a crappy little free hosting site but i'll be sorting out the real one later this year.

still, enjoy! let me know what you think.


fairytale project - the magic camera


Edward, an English poet from a small city in the midlands finds the most beautiful antique camera at a vintage fair on a sunny sunday afternoon. He takes the most breath taking photographs when he travels the world, these pictures shine like diamonds, the clarity is surreal. When Edward arrives back in England he decided to build a darkroom after watching a BBC documentary about the history of the pocket ensign camera. After a lot of struggling Edward manages to develop his stunning photographs in the solution he lovingly mixed himself, he clips his processed pictures on the line to dry with some old pegs. After a long bath, a cup of tea and his trusty company with the local evening newspaper, Edward decided it's time to head to bed and he anticipates the the morning. The photographs come to life, and just like smoke the photographs drift through the air and enter Edward's brain and create the most vivid and exciting dreams, in this dream he falls in love with a beautiful girl named Patricia and they end up getting married in the south of France where they grow old together. The camera is still in use till this day, but one thing has changed, there are now beautiful photographs of Edward and Patricia hand in hand and delicately placed on their mantlepiece.


art is my addiction illustration

This is the most current illustration i'm working on titled 'Art is my addiction', it's still work in progress but please let me know what you think and your opinion and suggestions are most welcome.

crit away!


Summer project

My summer projects seem to be going pretty well, ideas are flowing and my style is improving.
Nothing exciting has happened this week, I've found out i'm attending a traditional chinese wedding on tuesday and that my father is taking me to buy a new carpet for my bedroom in loughborough as working on a split wooden floor isn't very practical. Other random things that are happening in my life: I'm thinking of buying 2 baby black moor fish and keep them in a beautiful glass vase with huge seaside rocks on the bottom, a black coffee table that i can place at the end of my double bed and have my plasma and gigantic pebble shaped lamp on, a vintage standing lamp and shade to place in the corner of my room and i'm also currently searching for odd little bits and storage. I wonder if a clothing rail will be expensive...


How i'm feeling today

Photo 428, originally uploaded by ambitiousoutsider.

I'm finally figured out what my 'fairy tale' is going to be and consist of etc but the process wasn't easy as you can tell.

i thought the silly drawing was pretty funny. :)


More photographs

New photographs posted on my flickr account:
Lincoln, Leeds and V festival

Some of the photos have turned out really well, pretty pleased with them.



v festival 2009

I had such an amazing time and working for them last year definitely didn't put me off my festival experience with virgin this year. I ended up finishing all the rolls of film and my disposable which i shall develop tomorrow. I was absolutely gutted when i ran out of film on the second day and even thought about getting a 27 shot camera for 5 quid but it was that or a jacket potato..the potato won me over. Instead i ended up taking a few pictures on my mobile in the hope that i could sync it to my macbook as it has never worked before, magically it bloody worked so here are a few photos i took.

The Specials, I waited so long for that day to come.

Oasis, bloody amazing moment.

The Ting Tings.

Lily Allen, absolutely brilliant.

V fest on the first day, sat in the sun.


Good things come to those who wait

So today i went into town and i found a fish eye lomography camera designed by Mike Perry in a charity shop going for £2.50, i had to snap it up (excuse the pun). As you all know these cameras are normally pretty pricey so you can imagine my face when i found out how cheap it was. It's in mint condition, came with everything the box stated but it does look a little crazy. I guess neon pink isn't exactly my colour of choice but for such a cheap price I'm not going to dwell on it.

Also my mate gave me a male mannequin :)



I needs models for a series of varied creative fashion shoots starting next month, if you're motivated, active and passionate about art get in touch. Once i get enough volunteers i will set a castings date.

Shoot location will be in Loughborough

If you have previous modeling experience please get in contact


GIRLS - height requirements 5. 8" - 6"
             dress size 6-8

BOYS - height requirements 5. 11" - 6. 3" 
            dress size XS, S-M
            waist 28" - 32"

I'm searching for twin models, male twins and female twins needed.
I'm also looking for any ginger haired models, male and female
I'm also open to any other people who are interested in modeling but fit the above requirements.

If you're still interested please send 4 simplistic shots of your face with no make up on to this address: ambitiousoutsiders@hotmail.com


left side 
right side
full body shot (please wear t -shirt and jeans, nothing baggy please.)

Please send other information with your photos:

eye colour
hair colour
shoe size
dress size
contact details: email address/ telephone number. 

Please make sure the details are correct as i will reply through email/ telephone to confirm if you have got the job.

Please feel free to email me at: ambitiousoutsiders@hotmail.com if you want to talk about the shoots or if you want further information.




I remember watching a kate moss for alexander mcqueen hologram on youtube quiet a while back yet i'm still completely taken away by it.

I've been thinking of creating a hologram for one of my summer projects, money is a slight issue but i want to produce something inspiring. 

Here's the original hologram film of Kate Moss:
(I prefer the music in the actual Mcqueen show as i find it more emotionally stimulating, engaging and atmospheric.)

Here's the video shown at the Mcqueen show:

Other people who have been using holograms in fashion include diesel for their s/s 08 runway show:


Fashion on my mind

I did a shoot tonight of a series of self portraits for one of my summer project ideas.
Currently editing and looking through the frames, thinking of re shooting some pictures of the ones i like when i get a tripod and sufficient lighting equipment. 


Summer diary part 3

In this album

Sinead - I went to visit my best mate Sinead with a bottle of rose, we didn't finish the bottle by the end of the night which was a little strange seeing as we normally neck a few bottles and dance to David Bowie in her amazing red kitchen.

Millie - Sinead's dog, that i love. Might i add she has definitely got older since the last time I've seen her, I caught her out when she was scratching herself or generally being a dog.

Train - Heading to Nottingham to meet my mate Emma, we decided to go for a walk around in the city that offers some of the best vintage shops in the midlands.

Train - Still sat on the train heading to nottingham, I really liked how soft and nostalgic this image came out.

Lincoln sky - The clouds looked strange, the moon was out, a little banana shape that really stood out against the orange, purple and pink sky. (You can see a better image on the Summer diary part 1 entry) This was taken 15 minutes before my cab was on its way to pick me up and take me out to meet Shell and Ellie for a Thursday night out at SCY (The Cell) indie night. Weirdly enough i decided to wear white socks this night with rolled up skinny jeans, &what happened? MJ passed away that night, Also Glastonbury was running full force this week.

Emma will punch you - This was around 2pm, Emma and myself decided to go to a beer garden and purchase a jug of cocktails in the hope that it will cool us down from the skin burning devil heat that was testing my sanity. We caved in and hid under the shade, thank you to whoever gave me revolution coupons you saved our lives. I was, tipsy.

Shell - This was taken in KIND bar in lincoln, the Thursday night that MJ died, actually this was before we heard the news

Ellie, Shell and myself - The MJ moment, I was told by SMS that MJ had passed away, rumor had it at the time he was still in a coma but 10 seconds later we were told the king of pop had actually dived 6 feet under and popped his clogs. Captured in time, a moment we will never forget. "Where were you when MJ died?"

SCY - Ironically we went to SCY for a night of indie loving, MJ had died, my phone had ran out of battery and there was no one in the club but our local DJ Aron waving us in as obviously the poor man was playing music for, nobody. We paid and got in for 3 quid, lovely. 3 quid for a whole club, yes we were the only 3 in the whole club that night. Fantastic as it were we couldn't help but hate all the glastonbury festivalites at that particular moment in time seeing as it was our last night together before Shell and Ellie were moving back to Norwich. I got told i was ugly by a midget.

Ellie - Demonstrating the empty dance floor, we busted some groves and drank ourselves silly but the night was cut short and we were soon booted out.

Summer diary part 2

Sakura - Hannah M and her mate, This was a rather interesting night to say the least. After i finished modeling for a photo shoot in Lincoln i went to meet Hannah and some others, turns out that Tristan was there too. We went to The Well for a drink and talked about university and how everyone else was doing. We then went to a club called Sakura, Tristan had gone and so had the rest and the only people that were left with me were my two mates in the photograph.

Tommy - This was taken by my best mate Duane, We went up the hill for a drink at The Well after helping him finish packing his stuff in his old flat. Before our little drinking session we had Chinese at his place and watched TV on the Internet and drank rose, the t-shirt i got earlier on the day from a bit of skirt and i had planned to wear for the evening didn't fit. It was stupidly stuffy on that night.

Strangers - Duane with 2 random people who i still don't know. they ended up talking to us when Duane and myself decided to go to LLOYDS bar in Lincoln (everywhere was closed and we were desperate to keep the night rolling). The 4 of us walked around Lincoln at 3am when LLOYDS closed, we went looking for the next place offering an alcoholic drink, massive fail. This was taken outside a chav club, the lighting was interesting but wasn't captured well. She was a funny girl, i think she has a thing with getting her tits out to strangers.

Duane - Duane in Lincoln posing up the steep hill, pretty deadly.

Myself - Sat down in Lincoln up the steep hill.

Lahore - An indian take away that didn't last very long.

Duane's house - A random fish tank that some idiot decided to dump at Duane's house, I was greeted with dried out pieces of cat shit on the floor when taking this picture.

My name is Tristan and I am alive - Tristan was a little hesitant at posing at first but he was happy to look into my camera.
This was taken at the well with a flash that would end a persons life if they suffered from epilepcy.

Copper's house - After dancing like a twat in Sakura, Hannah decided to take me and my new buddy to some coppers house, i still can't remember how i got there which is pretty worrying. One of the guys who lived there was lovely enough to make me a small leaf salad and a cuppa which was definitely most appreciated as i could feel the vodka eating away at my organs. Hannah and the copper vanished, you can imagine what they were up to, my male mate left in a taxi shortly after and i was there staring at a huge music collection of CDs. After some guy trying to 'educate me' in music i looked at my phone and promptly dialed for a cab to take me home, I had 4 hours until i had to be up and shove my crap in my dads car to take to loughborough. I had the most interesting conversation with the taxi man, he nicely dropped me 1 minute away from my house. I waited till his car went round the corner and without a beat i emptied my guts all over my street and almost on my new shoes. I jumped into bed with a banging head ache later to be woken up by my mother banging on my door telling me that i had to help out with boxing things up for the move.